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Here it is, folks: the video that started it all. In "Squish," the first publicly exhibited crush video, a woman is filmed stepping on grapes. Director Jeff Vilencia says he started with grapes because he "had to introduce the world to the whole idea of stepping on something, or seeing something stepped on, or wanting to be stepped on and squished."

Vilencia later moved on to worms, bugs and "those little pinkie mice they feed to the tarantulas." Others filmed women stepping on and crushing frogs, rats, bunnies and, if Congress is to be believed, kittens, puppies, "and even monkeys."


Music Used in the Show

  • Traveling North in February by Beau Finley: The opening credits, and used throughout.
  • Gumby Goes Green by Blue Wave Theory: Used to end the first segment.
  • Lux by Universildo: Played under the interview with that creepy Crush Guy.
  • Rain Parade by Atomic Opera: Can somebody cue the Thinking Music???

  • Tarathiel

    Don’t get me wrong, I hunt, I don’t support PETA or any of that hippy crap. But listen Jeff Vilencia, -yes take this as a threat…- IF I ever find you, I promise, I will kill you, I won’t torture you or prolong your death, but the world needs to be rid of people like you… I will hold a knife to your throat, give you a last chance for forgiveness, if you do not take that, you will be dead.

    Oct 13, 2011 at 10:59 pm
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